Country’s best travel writer’s book ‘Traveller’ to be launched in the book fair

It seems like the tide of travel has started in the country. Young people as well as people from all ages are traveling to and from places in the country by themselves, with friends, with family or in groups. In fact, on any holiday or even on Friday-Saturday regular holidays, the tourist spots of the country are getting crowded, the number of people traveling abroad is not less. There are many posts written on social media about travel experiences, but judging from the literary point of view, there are not many books about travel. This time, the travel book 'Traveller' edited by Ahsan Rony, a young entrepreneur and traveler, is coming to the book fair for the people who love travel and literature. 42 of the country's best travel writers have written in the book, which is about to come out from Sahos Publications and there are also great pictures. The cover is designed by Charu Pintu.   'Dekha Hobe Bijoye' edited by Ahsan Rony at the 2017 Book Mela received a huge response and made it to the bestseller list at that time. After a long time, Ahsan Rony is bringing his 2nd book.  Ahsan Rony said, "I have been working with Travel Bangladesh, a platform I have created for few years. I have met the best travel writers and travelers in the country through that source. I have read the writings of young travel writers online. There are many good writers. But a book from a travel point of view is nowhere to be seen. It was with that thought that I took the initiative of this book and read the travel writings of writers of different ages, different sectors and I felt very happy and mentally calm to compile a collection of great writings."   In the book, Najmun Nahar, the first Bangladeshi flag-carrying explorer who has traveled to more than 160 countries in the world, has written the breathtaking experience of going to Palestine in the world tour of struggle and success. Shah Jalal Jonak, a student of rocket science currently studying in Russia, has written about the experience of seeing the spacecraft go into space.  Student Dolan Chapa Datta has written some simple stories of our country in a very interesting way, Umme Habiba has written about her 11-months stay and travel experience in Thailand, a land of nomadic people.   Poet and writer Kamrul Hasan, Travel Goddo editor Mahmud Hafiz, freedom fighter and story-novel, travel story writer and translator Faridur Rahman, founder of Dhaka Tourist Mostafizur Rahman, travel writer, cultural activist and entrepreneur Sumanta Gupta,  Rifat Rahman, APH student at KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, SM Sarwar Nabin, Master's student and researcher at University of Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, Md. Tahidul Islam Masum, President of Volunteers for Bangladesh, Bangladeshi working for the world's best music app Spotify Mir Rasel Ahmed and law student Momotaj Jesmin wrote some of the extraordinary experiences of traveling to several countries.   Heritage traveler and teacher Eliza Binte Elahi, RJ Nadia Nitul Islam of ABC Radio, Md. Ashraful Alam he who is a traveler and travel focused Bangladeshi content creator 'Go with Ashraful Alam', Muhammad Javed Hakim, the founder of De-Chut Travel Songho, the administrative officer of Bangladesh Open University Al-Amin have written about their extraordinary experiences visiting the country's heritage, beauty and introduce you to some great places.   Traveler and travel writer Sajol Zahid has visited every province in India, Fahmida Yasmin, a researcher at the Lebanese Center for Tropical Marine Research, has written about Istanbul, Zerin Marzan Ashrafi, a student of geography and ecology in Canada, has written about her travel experiences in Europe, Dewan Ashikul Alam has written about Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and journalist Sadikur Rahman has written about his travel experience in Gangtok.   This exceptional book contains travel stories from home and abroad, special opinions, special travel photos of Momentwala's lead photographer Md Nazmul Hossain, Asha Zahid's IT knowledge, Md Saifullah Rabbi's special feature on career, poems in regional languages of Dinajpur, a variety of features including the story of the rise of travel agency.   This special book will be available at Sahos Publications (Stall no. 387-388) and online book shops including Rokomari. The book is published under the overall supervision of Travel Bangladesh in collaboration with travel platform 'Vromonio', Travel Company 'Circle Holidays' and Travel focused Bangladeshi Content Creator 'Go with Ashraful Alam'.